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    Full Pan Caesar SaladHalf Pan Caesar SaladFull Pan Garden SaladHalf Pan Garden SaladFull Pan Greek SaladHalf Pan Greek SaladFull Pan Spinach and Bacon SaladHalf Pan Spinach and Bacon SaladFull Pan California SaladHalf Pan California SaladFull Pan Chef SaladHalf Pan Chef SaladFull Pan Buffalo Chicken SaladHalf Pan Buffalo Chicken SaladFull Pan Antipasto SaladHalf Pan Antipasto SaladAdd Chicken to Full Pan of SaladAdd Chicken to Half Pan of SaladFull Pan Fruit Salad


    Italian Wedding - Our SpecialtyOther Soups Made to Order


    Full Pan Chicken MarsalaHalf Pan Chicken MarsalaFull Pan Chicken ParmesanHalf Pan Chicken ParmesanFull Pan Eggplant ParmesanHalf Pan Eggplant ParmesanFull Pan Chicken FrenchHalf Pan Chicken FrenchFull Pan Artichoke FrenchHalf Pan Artichoke FrenchFull Pan Lasagna (3-layer Meat)Half Pan Lasagna (3-layer Meat)Full Pan White Lasagna (Veggie)Half Pan White Lasagna (Veggie)Full Pan Herb-Roasted ChickenHalf Pan Herb-Roasted ChickenFull Pan Italian Sausage with Peppers and OnionsHalf Pan Italian Sausage with Peppers and OnionsFull Pan Pulled PorkRolls by the dozen10lbs. Chicken Tenders5lbs. Chicken Tenders


    Full Pan Roasted PotatoesHalf Pan Roasted PotatoesFull Pan Escarole and BeansHalf Pan Escarole and BeansFull Pan Grilled VeggiesFull Pan Baked PenneHalf Pan Baked PenneFull Pan Stuffed Rigatoni (Ricotta)Half Pan Stuffed Rigatoni (Ricotta)Full Pan Broccoli BakeHalf Pan Broccoli BakeFull Pan Mashed PotatoesHalf Pan Mashed PotatoesFull Pan Broccoli PastaHalf Pan Broccoli PastaFull Pan Stuffed ShellsHalf Pan Stuffed ShellsFull Pan Alfredo PastaHalf Pan Alfredo PastaFull Pan Pasta with Vodka SauceHalf Pan Pasta with Vodka SauceFull Pan Homemade Meatballs in SauceHalf Pan Homemade Meatballs in Sauce

    Subs and Wraps

    Large Sub TraySmall Sub TrayLarge Wrap TraySmall Wrap Tray

    Old Fashioned Pizza Tray

    Pizza Tray (Homemade old-fashioned pizza tray

    Rolls and Desserts

    Homemade Pepperoni RollsHomemade Garlic and Cheese RollsFull Pan Garlic KnotsHalf Pan Garlic KnotsFull Tray of CookiesHalf Tray of Cookies

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    Guida’s Catering is Rochester, NY’s premier caterer and takes pride in providing one of a kind chicken meals, pasta dinners, desserts and more for your next event, party or banquet!

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