Brick Oven Pizza

Traditional Red or White


4 slices, 10" round | extra toppings $0.99 each



8 slices, 14" round | extra toppings $1.39 each



12 Slice 12x17 Half Sheet OR 16" Round| extra toppings $1.79 each



20 slices, 18" x 18" 3/4 sheet | extra toppings $1.99 each



32 slices, 18" x 25" full sheet | extra toppings $2.99 each


Breakfast Pies made upon request.

Gluten-Free Crust available at NO extra charge! (Small 10″ pie only)

Guida’s Pizzerias ARE NOT Gluten-Free Environments.

Huge Pizza by the Slice

Cheese or Pepperoni


Specialty Slices

Chicken Buffalo, Meatlovers, Daily Chef Creations, etc.


Pizza Toppings


Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Meatball, Capocollo, Chicken Tenders, Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Anchovies

Fresh Veggies

Green Pepper, Roasted Red Pepper, Crushed Hot Cherry Pepper, Hot Banana Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper, Pepperoncini Pepper, Sliced Ripe Olive, Green Olive, Kalamata Olive, Tomato Slices, Sun Dried Tomato, White Onion, Red Onion, Fresh Garlic, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Broccoli Last but not least, pineapple!


Romano, Feta, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Ricotta, Parm-asiago Blend

*Pan-Risen Sicilian Crust takes 1+ hours and is only available in half or full sheet

*NYC Thin Crust pies are 4″ to 6″ bigger