Guida’s Original Wings

12 Wings*


18 Wings*


24 Wings*


36 Wings*


48 Wings*


*Extra charge to split up orders

Wing Sauces

Guida’s House Buffalo *No Butter*

Guida’s Own Butter Cajun is a red hot & Cajun butter sauce

Guida’s Own Sweet & Sour We bread all our sweet-n-sour wings

Garlic Parmesan is a tangy, cheesy cause that is butter based with plenty of garlic

Sweet Chile is unique to Guida’s with a Tangy, sweet chile flavor

BBQ – say no more!

Dry Rub (New)

Jamaican Jerk (New)

Lemon Pepper (New)

Asian Style (New)


Boneless Wings

12 count


Boneless Wing Basket

Boneless wings with french fries

Substitute Onion Rings for $0.75


Chicken Fingers Small


Chicken Fingers Large


Finger Baskets Small

Finger baskets served with fries!


Finger Baskets Large

Finger baskets served with fries!


Guida's Kid Basket

3 fingers with French fries


"Guida's Own" Bleu Cheese

Extra 3 oz.