Guida’s Original Wings

12 Wings*


24 Wings*


36 Wings*


48 Wings*


96 Wings*

in a party tin


*Extra charge to split up orders

Wing Sauces

all of our sauces are available as Mild, Medium, Hot or Insanity

Guida’s House Buffalo *No Butter*

Guida’s Own Butter Cajun is a red hot & Cajun butter sauce

Guida’s Own Sweet & Sour We bread all our sweet-n-sour wings

Garlic Parmesan is a tangy, cheesy cause that is butter based with plenty of garlic

Sweet Chile is unique to Guida’s with a Tangy, sweet chile flavor

BBQ – say no more!


Boneless Wings

12 count


Boneless Wing Basket

Boneless wings with french fries

Substitute Onion Rings for $0.75


Chicken Fingers Small


Chicken Fingers Large


Finger Baskets Small

Finger baskets served with fries!


Finger Baskets Large

Finger baskets served with fries!


Guida's Kid Basket

3 fingers with French fries


"Guida's Own" Bleu Cheese

Extra 3 oz.


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order online

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