Guida’s Catering provides exceptional catering services that range from our delicious menu items to our customer service. We take pride in our cooking and look forward to catering your next graduation party, wedding reception, luncheon or any other type of event you may be hosting.

Don’t be shy! We are custom-style caterer and can create a custom catering package for your next event. Leave us a message and we can discuss your specific needs today.

Custom catering packages are priced per person with sales tax and 15% gratuity added. Prices are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating markets. Minimum party is 12 people (smaller parties will be charged at the 12 person rate).* smaller parties refer to our cater menu available to the right of this page

Rolls and homemade pizza included with 4 or more hot menu choices ONLY when per person catering packages are put together for 25  guests or more!

Chafers, sternos, tables, chairs, warming tables and racks are available.

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